Do Tell

Group: Lactiflora

Year Registered: 1946

Breeder/registrant: Auten

Parentage: x

Registration description:
Official registration can be found at: The American Peony Society

Jap. – Pink. Outer petals very pale orchid pink, narrow center petals much darker, some of them red. A very striking combination, with the color contrast the strongest of any type I (Auten) have seen. Letter from Mr. Auten, 1955. Auten catalog.

Award of Landscape Merit (ALM) description: ‘Do Tell’ (Auten, 1946) Lactiflora Group, Early mid-season, 30?, Pleasant light fragrance — Light orchid guard petals, washed pink anemone form, often with softly serrated edges surround a center of mixed and intermingled staminodes. Staminodes can be thick or thin orchid, pink, wine red or light yellow. Though centers are usually darker than their surround, it’s not always the case. Centers can vary grea tly from year to year, seeming to bloom with more color saturation in dry springs, while losing color contrast with staminodes larger and pinker in cool springs. Variation can occur over the blooming season as well, with a different set of staminodes for the primary and secondary blooms. In any case, it was noted by its hybridist, Edward Auten, as a very striking color combination and the strongest of any type he’d seen. Buds are small and unassuming and held fairly close to the foliage on thin reddish stems. Side buds can extend the blooming season by up to two weeks. This is a strong and well rounded plant that stands well in flower, is unaffected by hot, humid weather and persists through the season, if watered when warranted. 2004 Gold Medalist


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