Seedling 2881. Parentage unknown (record lost). First bloomed by or before 2006, first propagated 2006. FULL DOUBLE, with both all-over and progressive stamen transformation, no stamens produced; occasional flowers will be seen with staminodes next to the carpels at center. One flower per stem, opens light yellow with highlights of additional pigmentation at first opening. Guard petals are rounded and strongly cupped; flower size 5–6 inches (13–15 cm). Carpels are green, moderately hairy, the stigmas, when present, are deep red-purple, has produced seeds from hand pollinations, some of which are rooting as this is written. Strong stems may spread during flowering, especially when subjected to rough weather; foliage is green to yellow-green, pointed leaflets relatively long in relation to width. Average height is +/- 30 inches when exposed to strong winds in the open field. The name reflects both the yellow color and the FULL DOUBLE flower form in an early opening cultivar. Received APS Seedling Certificate of Merit in 2009 (Mansfield, Ohio).


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