Parentage unknown, of garden origin. Believed to be an open pollinated seedling of mlokosewitschii. Date of first bloom unrecorded. Single flower form, one per stem. Rounded petals are pale pink (RHS 65B), darker towards the lateral edges (RHS 49D), and darker still towards the base of the petals (RHS 73A). Carpels average three in number, light yellow green (RHS 149D), moderately hairy. Stigmas purple (RHS 58A or a bit darker), normal form. Has stamens and pollen, but no seeds observed under open pollination. No fragrance. Foliage ovate-apiculate, glabrous on upper surface, pubescent below, generally green (RHS 137A-137C) though may show purple margins and tip (RHS 79C). Foliage has distinctive odour. Height at maturity 3 feet. Upright growth habit spreading to vase shape which may need some support in the viewed landscape. Bloom season early to very early. Named for Elsie Stephen Reford (1872-1967) of Montréal QC, creator of Les Jardins de Métis, Grand-Métis, Quebec.


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