Hollingsworth Number 2104, parentage record lost. Brilliant cool pink SINGLE, the guard petals surround a contrasting large, light yellow stamens boss, opening Early Midseason (Third Week). Intensity of the pigmentation varies through an unusually wide range, changing with the length of spring warm-up and the associated prevailing temperatures. One large flower per stem (5-6 inches (13-15 cm)) is presented near the foliage. Retains its cupped shape well through petal fall. Average of 4 carpels, white, very hairy, stigmas normal. Highly infertile, presumed triploid. Stamens present, but pollen rare or absent, no seeds have been seen of open pollination, but are produced rarely when crossed by a range of fertile tetraploid pollens. Staminodal disc obscure. Mild, pleasant fragrance. Large leaflets clothe medium height stems (30 inches (76 cm)). The plant appearance holds up well into summer. Vigorous plants, which increase well. Named to suggest an explanation for the observed petal color variation season to season. Awarded the American Peony Society Seedling Certificate of Merit at 2010 APS exhibition, Janesville, Wisconsin.


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