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  1. Henry 6 years ago

    Fancy Nancy (Auten 1944) – [Mikado x unknown] – Japanese – Pink – Mid – 33". Soft cerise pink guard petals of almost uniform color surround a starburst center ranging from pale pink to darker pink with white staminodes interspersed. In dry, cool springs center petaloids blooms with more saturation, pinks are hotter and orange influenced. Foliage is an uncommon light yellow green and has been observed to retain its freshness when the whole lot of lactiflora have started to brown with later summer stress. Оксана Горлова Facebook Peony Growers 5:55am Dec 15. “Foliage amazing long does and goes golden autumn in shades of red, while others fall from disease”. The plants sited here (Fayetteville AR USA) had fall foliage entirely of bronze. Do not disbud.

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