Fiber Optic

Group: Lacti.

Year Registered: 2014

Breeder/registrant: Anderson / Kornder / Swenson

Parentage: Martha W. x unknown

Registration description:
Official registration can be found at: The American Peony Society

Seedling # 12. Parentage: ‘Martha W.’ seedling, pollen parent unknown. First bloomed and propagated 2003. A NOVELTY form often described as “cactus dahlia.” Light pink guards averaging ½ inch width with variable degree of pigmentation. Narrow petaloids variable, pink and white. Stigmas purplish red. No pollen, the stamens being transformed to filamentous petaloids. No seeds. Narrow upright growth to 38 inches (96 cm). Anderson seedling selected and named by Tim Kornder (deceased), Jordan, MN, registered by Keith Swenson.


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