LACTIFLORA GROUP. Seedling number 88-3MM30. Pod parent: an unnamed seedling of ‘Karl Rosenfield’. Pollen Parent: unknown. First bloomed prior to 1997. First year propagated, 1998. SINGLE. Flowers are dark red (RHS 59A), 4 inches (10 cm) across. The plant is very floriferous, with several flowers per stem. Slightly ruffled petals are held such as to give a flattish flower. Carpels are small, number three on average and are smooth. Stigmas are mid-pink, as is the well developed disc. Pollen bearing stamens are just over ½ inch long (15 mm), red at the base, yellow near the tip. Upright plant, tall, to 43 inches (110 cm) in height. Stems, petiole and foliage are green with a purplish cast, giving a darkness which complements the dark flower. Blooms early/midseason, about the same time as ‘Red Charm’. This cultivar is from the seedling collection of Quebec peony breeder Maurice Ménard and was selected by him for further trials before his death in 2002. Named to honour George Vorauer, a passionate peony collector and gardener who was instrumental in leading the effort to restore and expand the historic peony collection at the Central Experimental Farm in Ottawa, Canada.


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