Golden Era

Group: Lutea Hyb

Year Registered: 1984

Breeder/registrant: Reath, D. L.

Parentage: Golden Isle x Daphnis fertile lutea hybrid pollen

Registration description:
Official registration can be found at: The American Peony Society

Lutea hybrid Parentage—Golden Isle x Daphnis fertile pollens First bloomed 1971 Yellow, reddish flares, stamens, pollen, seeds, fragrant. One to three buds per stem, moderate amount of bloom, sturdy stems, flowers held high above the foliage, 5′ height. Bloom in lutea hybrid season, sturdy growth, heavy textured leaves. Carpels green, cream stigmatic tips, reddish maroon flares at base of petals, radiates outward. Very light reddish picotee edge on most petals, very heavy petal substance. Fertile pod and pollen. Seedling # A199


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