Grandmothers Symphony

Group: Lutea Hybrid

Year Registered: 2017

Breeder/registrant: Seidl, Bill

Parentage: Seidl #11 x Autumn Harvest

Registration description:
Official registration can be found at: The American Peony Society

Seedling: Seidl #146. Parentage: Seidl #11 x ‘Autumn Harvest’. [Seidl #11 is Daphnis #223 x ‘Chinese Dragon’]. Advanced generation lutea hybrid. The large flowers (6 inch; 15 cm) are a blend of rose and cream; in cooler weather the blooms are quite pink upon initial opening. Single to semi-double blooms with notched petals. Two to 3 flowers per stem but otherwise blooms sparingly. Red sheath; 5 carpels, green; bright pink stigmas, stamens with red filaments. Fertile both ways, seed is more difficult. Produces varying stem lengths during bloom season. New basal growth is long and often carries a single large bloom, while older wood can carry one terminal bloom with 2 side buds. Large terminal stems are often winter killed, perhaps making this plant better for warmer zones than ours. Foliage is wide, healthy and deep green. Plants typically grow to 3 feet (92 cm) in Wisconsin, perhaps greater size in less demanding climates. The subtle coloration is a blend reminiscent of decorative schemes found in a refined grandmother’s home (soft, pleasing and relaxing). Gorgeous flower extremely popular with garden visitors, both at Solaris Farms and in the Seidl garden.


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