Parentage: from seeds of P. ostii. Selected from a group of 5 peonies received as two year old seedlings from Cao Zhou, China in 2000. First bloomed 2002; first propagated 2010. SINGLE. Midseason bloom period. Medium-sized (16-17 cm; 6½ inch) pink flowers, one per stem Petals are slightly ruffled and have red flares extending about 40% their length. Carpels are green, smooth, 5 in number, with pink stigmas. Well developed pink sheath. Pollen and seeds. Fragrance. It is upright and fast growing; grafted plants may reach 8-10 feet tall and nearly as wide in 10 years under good growing conditions. Slight suckering is easily controlled by pruning. Can be used as a specimen plant in the landscape. The name alludes to the area around State College, PA, including Centre Hall, the originator’s place of residence, which has long been known as “Happy Valley.”


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