Hélène Martin

Group: Shrubby hybrid

Year Registered: 1986

Breeder/registrant: Cayeux Jean

Parentage: P. potanini trollioides x Gessekai

Registration description:
Official registration can be found at: The American Peony Society

Description from Solaris Farms: Helene Martin. Cayeux. 1986. F1 lutea hybrid. Beautiful soft cream single blossoms with undertones of softest pink. Small, delicate red-pink basal flares. Most of the very large blossoms have a double row of large broad petals. Cream sheath and stigmas. Reddish-pink stamens. A gorgeous flower that is carried on plants that have finely cut leaves. Foliage and stems are tinted in red to varying degrees. Robust grower that produces many stems. Easy to grow. Reportedly has fertility, we’ve not experienced this to date. F1 lutea hybrid. (potanini trolloides x Gessekai)

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