Huo Lian Jin Gang

Group: Lactiflora

Year Registered: 2015

Breeder/registrant: Jun Tao and Daqiu Zhao

Parentage: unknown x unknown

Registration description:
Official registration can be found at: The American Peony Society

Seedling number 18, held in the germplasm repository of the Horticulture and Plant Protection College, Yangzhou University. Parentage unknown. First year bloomed 2009; first propagated 2010. BOMB DOUBLE. Flower size 5¼ inches (13¼ cm), dark pink with a purplish cast. One flower per stem. Fragrant. No stamens. Carpels are yellowish green (RHS 154C), usually 4 in number, and smooth. The stigmas are also yellowish green (RHS 150D) and have normal morphology and are fertile. Narrow pointed foliage on stems 36 inches (90 cm) in height. Spreading growth habit benefits from support. The name alludes to this peony’s high tolerance to heat.


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