Group: Suffruticosa Group

Year Registered: 2018

Breeder/registrant: Irmtraud and Gottlob Rieck

Parentage: x

Registration description:
Official registration can be found at: The American Peony Society

Seedling 5R2. Parentage: Seedling SPIN 94.020 open pollinated. Seedling SPIN 94.020 to be named and registered ‘Prof. Hong Tao’ (in this issue of the bulletin). First bloomed 2012. SINGLE flower form with 2-3 rows of petals, 1 flower per stem, 7-8 inches in diameter (18-20 cm). Up facing flowers of cherry red (RHS CC 46A) with black flares extending about one third the length of the petals, having somewhat bleeding edges. Petals cupped, lightly ruffled. Pollen bearing stamens, filaments red at the base, fading to pale pink at the tip. Five carpels, pale green, moderately hairy, near entirely enclosed by a pink sheath. Stigmas red, normal anatomy, fertile. Fragrance. Early midseason bloom period. Foliage typical of Gansu Mudan. Upright growth, height at maturity 50-60 inches (120-150 cm). Named to honor Irmtraud’s dear grandmother; choosen for its beauty, vigor and health. To be propagated and distributed by W. Giessler, Gross-Rosenburg, Germany.

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