Parentage unknown. First flowering and division prior to 1995. ANEMONE form that would be shown in the Japanese classes at exhibition. Overall color effect pink though the pink appears lightly flecked on a white ground. Four to 5 flowers per stem. Flower size 6 inches. Pleasant fragrance though not strong. Cupped petals are mostly rounded but almost every flower has at least one petal that is raggedly notched with this trait being passed on to many of its seedlings. Normally has 15 guard petals. Petals are 2½ inches wide. Average of 5 carpels, smooth, pale green. Stigmas red with long necks, usually with normal anatomy but on well-established plants may be feathered. Staminodes transformed to narrow petals, yellow, some with pink at the ends and some with pink suffused throughout. Well-developed staminodal disc is pink. No stamens or pollen but it is seed fertile. On established plants the side buds may develop with more outer petals giving the appearance of a semi-double flower but with staminodes rather than stamens, thus the genetics are there for doubling in the progeny and this is borne out in practice. Among its seedlings have been found all flower forms from singles through all the progressions to flower-in-flower doubles, in whites and pinks, with some having the same colour patterns as the parent. Upright growth habit not normally needing support. Height to 40 inches (1 m). Named by Walter Gilbert for his wife.


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