Group: Herb. Hybrid

Year Registered: 2016

Breeder/registrant: Gorobets

Parentage: Lord Kitchener x (P. officinalis 'Rubra Plena' x P. officinalis var. banatica)

Registration description:
Official registration can be found at: The American Peony Society

Seedling 3/92. Parentage: Lactiflora ‘Lord Kitchener’ x (P. officinalis ‘Rubra Plena’ x P. officinalis var. banatica). Seeds sown in 1984 from which ‘Irokez’ was selected as a seedling in 1992. Entered into the State register of plant varieties of Ukraine in 2009. ANEMONE. One bloom per stem. Flowers with a diameter of 16-18 cm (6-7 inches). Full-bodied ANEMONE form. Deep pink raspberry petals (RHS 71-C). Rounded guard petals with a width of 1-2 inches. The central petals are long and narrow with serrated and pointed edges which spread revealing the smooth, yellow-green carpels at the center. These number 3-4 with pink stigmas (RHS 75-C) having normal anatomy. No stamens, no seeds. Foliage purplish-red on emergence, rich green when mature, leaflets broad pointed, somewhat broader than the typical Lactiflora. Compact upright growth on strong 31-35 inch stems (80-90 cm). Early to mid-season bloom period.


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