Jin Dai Huan Jiao

Group: Lacti.

Year Registered: 2015

Breeder/registrant: Liu Yan and Liu Aiqing

Parentage: Lactiflora Gp 'Lian Ta' x open pollinated

Registration description:
Official registration can be found at: The American Peony Society

Parentage: Lactiflora Gp ‘Lian Tai’ x unknown by open pollination. First bloomed 2003, propagated 2003. Midseason flowering. NOVELTY flower form by American Peony Society standard classification, but under the Chinese system it is Anemone proliferate which means it is a flower-in-flower anemone form. Guard petals are pale pink but unevenly pigmented lending a feminine air to the flower with the inner circle of “guards” having occasional rose-red streaking or edging. Center petalodes are near staminode in form, golden yellow and narrow. The flower is 13.6 cm (5½ inches) diameter, by 6.7 cm (2¾ inches) in height. Carpels yellow, with red stigmas, stamens absent. Fragrant. Upright growth habit to 75 cm (30 inches) in height. Mechanical support not needed. Named to reflect the impression given by the band of staminodes separating the upper and lower pink petals of a golden-belted beautiful lady.


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