Group: HH

Year Registered: 2013

Breeder/registrant: Seidl/Bremer

Parentage: unknown x unkown

Registration description:
Official registration can be found at: The American Peony Society

Seedling US-LHO, which codes for Unknown Seedling – Lactiflora of Hybrid Origin, but that does not mean either parent was a lactiflora. The plant, overall, gives the impression of lactiflora but it breeds like a tet hybrid and has other hybrid features. First bloomed 1982. Light pink heavy DOUBLE flowers, large and showy. Petal margins are unevenly notched contributing to a ruffled appearance. Coloration often fades at petal edges giving the flower a darker center region. Carpels numbering 4 to 5 are green and smooth. Sigmas are pink, mostly of normal morphology but some are feathered. Stamens have light yellow filaments, are not numerous, but pollen is fertile. Staminodal disk is well developed and light pink. Seeds are produced. Has fragrance. Tall erect stems to 42 inches (110 cm). Excellent carriage, no staking, great for cut flower production. Vigorous grower and clumper; recovering quickly from transplanting. Midseason bloom. The name inspired by the song “Juliska aus Budapest,” a character in the operetta “Maske in Blau.”


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