Lietuvos Patriotas

Group: Lactiflora

Year Registered: 2018

Breeder/registrant: Puidokas

Parentage: Maironis x Garbe Motinai

Registration description:
Official registration can be found at: The American Peony Society

Seedling No. PP-2005-1. First bloomed 2008, first propagated 2010. Parentage: ‘Maironis’ (O. Skeivienė, 1964) x ‘Garbe Motinai’ (O. Skeivienė, 1958) [see Note below]. Mid-Lateseason bloom period. DOUBLE flowers, 6½ -7 inches (17 cm) in size, 3-4 per stem. Petals are vivid reddisk purple, fading lighter towards the edges (RHS:74-A to RHS:73-A). Guard petals are large (2¼ inches (6cm) wide), generally rounded, shallowly notched. Average of 3 moderately hairy, yellowish-green carpels. Stigmas are vivid purplish-red (RHS:150-C) and are fertile. Pollen bearing stamens have brilliant yellow filaments at the base, fading lighter towards the tips (RHS: 13-A). Pleasant fragrance. Foliage emerges deep purplish red (RHS:61-A), matures to green. Narrow upright growth to 43 inches (110 cm) but benefits from support when in flower.


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