First year bloomed 2011; first propagated 2013. Parentage unknown. Midseason bloom. Flower form SINGLE, up-facing, 1 bloom per stem. Deep purplish red petals have a silk texture. Dark black-red flares extend 25–33% from petal base, blurred edge. Guard petals rounded, notched, inner petals may be twisted. Flower size 7½–8¼ inches (19–21 cm). Carpels 5 on average, pale yellow green, and sparsely hairy, having normal-shaped stigmas of strong purplish red. Sheath complete, strong purplish red. Pollen bearing stamens with filaments dark red at the base, fading to white at the tips. Seeds. Fragrance. Plant height 57 inches (145 cm) with upright growth habit. Named for the dark red petals’ suggestion of an inkstone, in this case that of Wang Xizhi, legendary calligrapher of the Eastern Jin Dynasty (317-420).


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