Maleah’s Joy

Group: Suffruticosa

Year Registered: 2021

Breeder/registrant: Finazzo, S.

Parentage: x

Registration description:
Official registration can be found at: The American Peony Society

Stated parentage: Rockii hybrid lineage. First year bloomed 2010, first propagated 2016. DOUBLE flower form, size 5 to 6 inches (12¼ to 15¼ cm). Flowers open cerise pink, gradually fading to light pink. Tightly packed petals have deep purple flares extending ¼ to petals’ length. Pollen-bearing stamens interspersed among petals. Carpels 5 in number. Sets seeds, presumed fertile but not tested. Pleasant fragrance. Flowers held just above typical light green rockii foliage. Height in Wisconsin climate to 42 inches (107 cm) with similar spread. Exceptional cold hardiness surviving minus 40° temperatures with minimal die-back.


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