Many Happy Returns

Group: HH

Year Registered: 1986

Breeder/registrant: Hollingsworth, D.

Parentage: Nippon Splendour x Good Cheer

Registration description:
Official registration can be found at: The American Peony Society

Parentage (Nippon Splendor x Good Cheer), 3-species hybrid. First bloomed 1979. Mid-season hybrid, Japanese to bomb, medium height Brick red, yellow-edged collar petalodes highlight the color. Abundant flowers. Center ball grows. Upright plant, wavy leaflets are extra divided, fast increaser. Pollen at petalode edges. Seedling # 1298.

Award of Landscape Merit (ALM) description: ‘Many Happy Returns’ (Hollingsworth, 1986) Herbaceous Hybrid, Early mid-season, Medium height, no scent — A medium-sized bomb of warm, near spectral red, accented with occasional, yellow flecks on the edges of its outermost petaloides. Prolific bloomer and fast increaser with many medium thick, erect stems produced on mature plants. Blooms easily on immature plantlets as well, though blooms may take the form of less transformed anemones. Wavy leaflets are pronouncedly so and give foliage an especially fresh and crisp appearance at bloom time. Foliage benefits from high, afternoon shade in the Midwest, where it can remain attractive until mid-summer. Foliage dies back naturally to the crown under conditions of heat and low soil moisture. Survived a severe late freeze in 2007 that destroyed 98% of buds, blooming most admirably at 75% capacity. This was an exceptional performance under very disappointing circumstances. Vigorous and healthy. Propagate by division with excellent increase; readily roots adventitiously. Gold Medalist 2007


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