New Dimension

Group: Herbaceous Hybrid

Year Registered: 2020

Breeder/registrant: Stanek

Parentage: x

Registration description:
Official registration can be found at: The American Peony Society

Received January 5, 2020. Seedling No: ND. Parentage: from a controlled cross, but record lost. First bloomed 2008, first propagated 2010. SINGLE with 12-18 petals, one bloom per stem. Warm peachy pink guard petals, the pink fading out towards the edges to leave a light creamy-yellow border. Inner petals tend towards buffy yellow. As flower matures in the garden the colors fade out. Petals rounded, cupped, the edges evenly crenulated, at times split by a narrow notch. Average of 3 carpels, medium green, moderately hairy, the hairs white. Stigmas a muted red with normal anatomy. Well-developed white staminodal disc. Pollen-bearing stamens, filaments yellow. Produces large seeds. No fragrance. Early/Midseason bloom period. Early foliage green with red blush to the stems. Foliage turns amber to yellow in the fall. Height to 34 inches (86 cm) with thick stems able to support the flowers without added mechanical support. As carpels expand the stems may need support to carry the heavy seed load. Awarded APS seedling Certificate of Merit, 2014, Mansfield, Ohio (Bulletin #371, September 2014, pg 23).


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