New Millennium

Group: Itoh

Year Registered: 2012

Breeder/registrant: Anderson, R.F.

Parentage: not specified x not specified

Registration description:
Official registration can be found at: The American Peony Society

Parentage: unnamed Lactiflora Gp x Lutea Hybrid Gp seedling. First bloomed 2002, first propagated 2007. Has had previous distribution under this name. SEMIDOUBLE to DOUBLE. Coral pink flowers, one to a stem, 4-6 inches in size. Stamens with white filaments. White carpels, normally 5 in number and white stigmas, surrounded by a well developed white sheath. No pollen and no seeds. Some fragrance. Upright growth habit, height 26-28 inches. Excellent plant with healthy green foliage and well formed flower. Good in the landscape and great promise as a show flower.


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