Peach Festival

Group: Lutea Hybrid

Year Registered: 2017

Breeder/registrant: Seidl, B. / Bremer, N.

Parentage: Brassy Lady x Seidl #65

Registration description:
Official registration can be found at: The American Peony Society

Seedling Seidl #199. Parentage: ‘Brassy Lady’ x Seidl #65 (#65 is Daphnis #223 x ‘Zephyrus’). First bloomed 1990’s, first propagated 2005. Prior distribution under seedling number and name. Advanced generation lutea hybrid. Five inch (13 cm) cream and peach single to semi-double flowers carried on long stems. Petals are notched at center. Cream colored sheath; carpels green; stigmas cream; stamens with filaments light red. Fertile both ways. Foliage is beautiful and deep blue-green and somewhat glaucus. Produces long stems that often freeze back during winter, but these are replaced by good ground growth that blooms yearly. A second flush of flowers carried on very long stems, a couple weeks after the first blooms, is to be expected. Plants easily reach 4 feet in Wisconsin (122 cm) and perhaps more if winter temperatures do not kill stems. Foliage is deeply dissected with narrow lobes and more rounded ends than typical.

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