Seedling 3045. Parentage: ‘Salmon Dream’ x unknown. First bloomed 2000 or earlier, first propagated 2000. SEMI-DOUBLE with four rows of large petals, one flower per stem, flower size 5–6 inches (13–15 cm). Guard petals of good substance are lightly notched, rounded and waved at ends. Opens bright pink, the petal ends soon paling in sunlight; carpels pale green, lightly hairy; stigmas natural, prominent in size and in a deeper pink hue than the petals. Has stamens and pollen; seeds large and black. Fragrance not recorded. One flower per stem, opens early to early midseason, excellent stem increase rate leads to abundant display of flowering as the plants reach maturity. Strong but moderately spreading bush does not require support; dark green leaflets are broad and pointed. Flowers are displayed a little above the bush. Bush height, absent the inflorescence is +/- 30 inches. Name derived from the abundant display of flowers.


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