Group: Suffruticosa

Year Registered: 2016

Breeder/registrant: Jedlicka

Parentage: x

Registration description:
Official registration can be found at: The American Peony Society

Seedling number K12. Parentage: Pod and pollen from a white and a pink Suffruticosa respectively. First bloomed 2002. First propagated 2012. SEMI-DOUBLE to DOUBLE flowers, 1 per stem, 10-11 inches in size (24-28 cm). Creamy white flowers with lavender-pink flares, these having blurred edges and the color thinly suffused towards petal margins giving a porcelain-like appearance to the flower which, taken together with big disc like shape flower, creates a resemblance to a large porcelain bowl. Average of 4 carpels, moderately hairy, pale yellow, stigmas with much the same hue. Filaments pale pink at the base, creamy white at the tip. Pollen and seeds. Faint fragrance. Foliage green, edges often suffused red. Stems often red. Mature height 60 inches (150 cm), with spreading habit which may benefit from support as it matures. Early bloom. Named for the Slovakian SPA town, Piestany, the cultivar name meaning that it is from Piestany, which is also the birthplace of the originator.

2023, The Peony Society - https://www.peonysociety.eu

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