Group: Suffruticosa Group

Year Registered: 2017

Breeder/registrant: Rieck

Parentage: x

Registration description:
Official registration can be found at: The American Peony Society

Seedling 99/036. Parentage: Raised from open polliated mixed Gansu Mudan seeds. First bloomed 1999. First propagated 2014. SEMI-DOUBLE with 5 rows of petals. One flower per stem, 20 cm (8″) in size. Lilac pink petals with black flares extending one quarter the petal’s length. Flares have a blurred edge. Petals are cupped with minor twisting and folding contributing to ruffled appearance. Carpels white, moderately hairy, 5 in number. Stigmas white, normal anatomy. Pollen-bearing stamens, filaments red at base, white at tip. Sheath white, complete. Fragrance. Blooms early/mid-season. Typical Gansu Mudan foliage. Spreading upright growth to 150 cm (59″). A healthy and vigorous grower and an eye-catcher in the garden. Named to acknowledge the 5 rows of petals. To be propagated and distributed by W. Giessler, Gross-Rosenburg, Germany.


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