Red Rock Canyon

Group: Herbaceous Hybrid

Year Registered: 2017

Breeder/registrant: Bremer, N.

Parentage: Seidl #74H120-2 x LCMG-2

Registration description:
Official registration can be found at: The American Peony Society

Seedling #NB-H54. Parentage: Seidl #74H120-2 x LCMG-2 (which is ‘Lemon Chiffon’ x ‘The Mackinac Grand’). First bloomed 2007, propagated since 2012. Advanced generation herbaceous hybrid. Large 6½ inch flowers (16½ cm), 1 per stem with large 2 inch wide (5 cm) guards. Dark red semi-double flowers with wavy petals that turn upward. Bud covers are conspicuously streaked in red and green, and retained after petal drop thereby extending decorative interest. Carpels are green and slightly hairy. Stigmas are reddish-pink as are the filaments. A large number of yellow, pollen producing stamens encircles the stigmas. Fertile both ways. Foliage is wide and deep green throughout the growing season. Plants reach 36 inches in height (91 cm). The large flowers do lean a bit but stem strength is good and no supplemental mechanical support is needed. Bloom time is week 4. No fragrance noted. Superior growth habit. Bud covers are reminiscent of Red Rock Canyon Park in Nevada, which has deep red rock streaked in green vegetation.


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