Group: Suffruticosa Group

Year Registered: 2017

Breeder/registrant: Rieck

Parentage: P. rockii ssp linyanshanii x

Registration description:
Official registration can be found at: The American Peony Society

Seedling 1R15. Parentage: P. rockii ssp. linyanshanii open pollinated. First bloomed 2010. First propagated 2014. SINGLE with 2-3 rows of petals. One flower per stem, 20 cm (8″) in size. Raspberry red petals with dark red flares extending one quarter the petal’s length. Flares have a blurred edge. Petals are cupped and ruffled. Carpels pale green, moderately hairy, 5 in number. Stigmas pale pink, normal anatomy. Pollen-bearing stamens, filaments pink at base, white at tip. Sheath pale pink, complete. Fragrance. Blooms early/mid-season. Small lanceolate leaflets. Spreading upright growth to 130 cm (51″). It is an open pollinated F1 seedling of species P. rockii ssp. linyanshanii, and a sister seedling of ‘Morganit’ and ‘Flamenco’. The difference betweeen P. rockii and P. rockii ssp. linyanshanii is: the height of the plants up to 250 cm, the tough woody character of stems, the lanceolate leaflets, the flower size of up to 25 cm, the bud size of 5 cm more than double that of P. rockii. Sheath and filaments of the species are always white, while hybridized plants can have colored ones. To be propagated and distributed by W. Giessler, Gross-Rosenburg, Germany.


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