Ruth Schmidt

Group: Herb. Hybrid

Year Registered: 2015

Breeder/registrant: Maschke

Parentage: America x Golden Wings

Registration description:
Official registration can be found at: The American Peony Society

Seedling A-4. Parentage: ‘America’ x ‘Golden Wings’. First bloomed 2011, first propagated 2013. SINGLE. Cupped seven-inch (17.5 cm) flowers are a long-lasting, even, glowing dark red, devoid of outside blotches. Average 3-4 carpels, pale green, moderately hairy. Stigmas light red, disc white, notched. Filaments light red, anthers yellow. Blooms early season. Up to two sidebuds extend flowering. Not fragrant. Very fertile both ways, presumed tetraploid. Very large black seeds. Upright growth to 40 inches (100 cm), support not needed. Leaflets lanceolate, 7 inches (17½ cm) long, 2½ inches (6½ cm) wide. Plant is robust, reliable and vigorous, showy in the landscape due to its size and the impressive color. Named after Dr. Ruth Schmidt, speech therapist in Halle, Germany, and wife of Volker Schmidt, deceased in 2008.

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