Parentage, Paula Fay X Moonrise; Sib. of F-11; First bloomed in 1974. Hybrid, pale salmon pink, semi-double, flat flower. Reliable, good substance, pollen and seeds. Sturdy stems, 30 inches in height, early bloom with other lobata hybrids, deep green glossy foliage. Seedling of Paula Fay, similar plant habits. The pale salmon pink color shows the cream inherited from Moonrise. Sets seeds very easily. Does not form adventitious buds on root cuttings, therefore slower of propagation. Proven useful for hybridizing. Seedling # F-10

Award of Landscape Merit (ALM) description: ‘Salmon Dream’ (Reath, D.L., 1979) Herbaceous Hybrid, Early, 30″ — A light, salmon pink, semi-double with rounded, gently cupped petals that are creamier at their edges and flatten as the bloom develops. Petals possess good substance and a satin sheen. A center boss of yellow stamens surround light green carpels tipped with light pink stigmata. Younger plants are more apt to produce self-colored petaloides that emerge through its center, giving the bloom a fuller appearance. Stems are strong and erect, standing well during the bloom cycle and creating a tidy compact plant. Flowers nestle just above shiny, medium-dark green foliage that covers to the ground, a beautiful presentation of a bush in bloom. Post bloom bush is attractive. Juvenile stems and leaflets emerge chartreuse green tinged red. Moderate increase in situ. Propagates by division and has proven to be moderately adventitious. 2008 Gold Medal Winner and 2009 Peony of the Year


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