Seedling # 79H114-8. Parentage: ‘Blushing Princess’ x H-3. First bloomed 2007, propagated since 2010. Has been distributed under seedling number for the last 5 or 6 years. Large light pink double flower (6 inches; 15¼ cm), one per stem, occasionally with one side bud. Light pink stigmas on light greenish-yellow carpels, 2-4 when present, though on well-formed flowers they may be vestigial or absent altogether. Yellow filaments and stamens. Fertile both ways. Strong stems reach for the sky and require no mechanical support, thus the name. This plant and another similarly numbered seedling (#79H119-4) may be the same cultivar according to a conversation with Bill this last summer. Some years ago Bill placed his garden locator/log book on top of his car while visiting his growing lot. He drove home (with book on top of the car) and the book was lost in transit. This was an unfortunate event, since a great deal of the information about his cultivars and seedlings were lost. He recreated the book, but it was from memory and some observation. Seedling numbers and location was always a question mark for many of his older plants. Bill had no labels on his plants in the gardens, thus identification, after the loss of the original locator/log book, was difficult. In any event, the seedling number assigned to this registration is what is believed to be correct and is a consolidation of the two plants. They appear to be the same in our garden, but further observation will need to be undertaken. Gorgeous flowers with great plant habits.


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