Stellar Charm

Group: Lactiflora

Year Registered: 2005

Breeder/registrant: Hollingsworth

Parentage: x

Registration description:
Official registration can be found at: The American Peony Society

Lactiflora Group; Early-mid to Midseason; flower to six inches, Anemone to medium center ball Bomb form; opaque milky white, guard petals cupped. Center segments clear yellow when staminode/petalode form or narrow white petals, the forms often both present in the same flower, the colors mixed. Petal substance excellent, flower a symmetrical bowl, sidebuds extend flowering. Carpels off white, stigmas white. Erect bush to 40 inch height, stands well without support. Dark green leaflets provide an effective background for the white flowers. Seeds easily. Number 1822.


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