Tree peony originates from Paeonia rockii hybrids with unknown parentage. First bloomed in 2000, propagated since 2002. SINGLE, blended pink, upright and mid-size flower. Deep pink at the center of the petals with edges faded lighter to nearly white. Petals are hard in texture and wavy frilled with large, dark purple flare without fixed shape. Normal stamens and pistils, many golden anthers and white filaments. Carpels average 5 in number, yellowish white with whitish stigmas, half enveloped by creamy sheath. Middle longer leaves composed of 15 deep green leaflets with narrower and acuminate segments. Upright and very vigorous plant with longer twigs, free-blooming and light fragrance. Height to 2 m (6½ feet). Mid-late season of bloom. It is very distinct due to the faded color edge around the petals. It is propagated by grafting in Ok peony nursery of Lanzhou. Breeder’s rights for this cultivar have been applied for in China.


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