Tiny Lotus

Group: Herbaceous Hybrid

Year Registered: 2020

Breeder/registrant: Xiaonan Yu, Wei Zhu, Zhijun Dong, Xi Chen, Huiyi Sun, Liqi Chen

Parentage: Lian Tai x Garden Peace

Registration description:
Official registration can be found at: The American Peony Society

First bloomed 2016, first propagated 2017. Parentage: (Lactiflora Gp) ‘Lian Tai’ x [Herbaceous Hybrid] ‘Garden Peace’. SINGLE, with 2 rows of petals, the ends of which are notched. Flowers are 5 inches (13cm) in size, 1 per stem. When fresh, the color is purplish red, but gradually fades to white as the flower ages. Stamens normal, numerous, with pollen. Filaments are yellow. Carpels generally 3 in number, light green and hairy. Stigmas are pink. The flowers are triploid and not capable of seed production. Height to 31½ inches (80cm). Stems erect. The leaves are broad, inheriting the lineage of Paeonia lactiflora in this respect. The purple and red stems (also seen in ‘Garden Peace’) are different and unusual in the garden of flowers. Named for the color and shape of the flower, and for the relatively broad foliage, which combine to give the impression of a lotus. From the opening of the flower, through to maturity, the color changes from dark to light, much as the sun rises to bring light and welcome the early spring dawn.

Reference: 2020-Pending


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