Tong Yun Jin Yan

Group: Lacti.

Year Registered: 2013

Breeder/registrant: Jun Tao and Daqiu Zhao

Parentage: unknown x unknown

Registration description:
Official registration can be found at: The American Peony Society

Seedling number 20. Parentage unknown. First year bloomed 2008; first propagated 2010. JAPANESE flower form. Flower size 5½ inches (13 cm). Purplish-red guard petals are rounded, the edges not entirely smooth, and held in the form of a shallow bowl. Carpels number 3 on average, are green and smooth, with yellowish green stigmas. Stigmas have normal morphology and carpels are capable of seed production. Staminodes are linear in shape, tipped and edged yellow, with the thickened modified filament having pink streaking. Stems to 29 inches (74 cm) in height with narrow upright growth pattern. Foliage narrow pointed, green, with reddish petioles. Late bloom season. Named for the red petals, which when combined with the streaky pink and yellow staminodes (which remind the originators of fireworks), give the effect of a brilliant red clouded sunset.


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