Group: Lutea Hyb

Year Registered: 1995

Breeder/registrant: Daphnis, N.

Parentage: Golden Bowl Fl x Companion of Serenity

Registration description:
Official registration can be found at: The American Peony Society

parentage BC 1, Golden Bowl Fl x (Moutan) Companion of Serenity. First bloomed 1965. Hybrid. Golden yellow, single, with two rows of petals. Small red flares from the base of each petal. It looks like a bright star in the sky. Good substance, stamen and pollen. No seeds fragrant, the amount of bloom varies. Good stem strength, height 4 feet, blooms in late May. Vigorous with light green foliage, reliable, one bud per stem. (Muse of Astronomy). Seedling # D-207


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