Lactiflora Group; Mid-late to Late; Semi-double, many petals of near spectrum red hue, flower in flower form, prominent circle of bright yellow stamens, centered by a band of small petals, small stamens and small carpels. Erect bush, strong stems, medium green foliage; medium height (36 inches). Sidebuds. From seed of Kickapoo, the flower emasculated but the intended cross obviously contaminated by natural pollination, likely of Karl Rosenfield. First bloomed about 1976. Carpels and stigmas yellow white. Filament red, paler at tip. Has viable pollen, seeds are possible; seed parent of Cherry Ruffles, demonstrates favorable breeding potential. Subject to flower bud failure of uncertain causes, but also responds favorably to promotion of secondary stems for improved carpels and seed production. Number H194. Name is ancestral given name.


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