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verlorengoedstraat 1A, 8750 wingene, België
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I have a peony species collection which is mostly intended for hybridizing with more recent hybrid cultivars. They are being grown in an elevated bed, under shade cloth, whilst some are being grown in horticultural crates with a very light airy soil with lots of free draining amendments like perlite, clay balls, grit and lava rock.

Because they are intended for hybridizing with advanced double flowering hybrids mostly, I don’t have selfed seeds available. If you’re a hybridizer yourself, then perhaps I can share some pollen with you if I have enough available from my species plants.

Can you share something from your plants?
What do you want in return?
Who can ask for them?
What species plants are you still looking for?

Paeonia algeriensis, Paeonia cambessedesii, Paeonia macrophylla, Paeonia steveniana, Paeonia emodi from China (tetraploid population), Paeonia arietina ssp arasicola, Paeonia mascula ssp hellenica. If you have a special species plant, I’m always interested.

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