From Bill Seidl:

Seedling DPSW-1 is Carnation Bouquet. The “DP” stands for “Double Pink”. I had decided to use pollen of Sparkling Windflower (Silvia Saunders had reported it was a tet) on all the double pink tet HH that I had. The object was to see how the very precise stamen-ring of SW would translate when converted to petals. I only got as far as Saunders 16350-F2 (later named Blushing Princess by Al Rogers). CB was only one of two plants, and nearly trashed. It was drowning in a sea of quackgrass when I casually picked a flower for a bouquet. The recipient of the bouquet pointed out that it was “different” and asked its name. Thus alerted, I recalled the plant’s location and gave it TLC thereafter. I called it “Louella’s Carnation” until a garden visitor said the whole clump looked like a bouquet of carnations. This cross ought to be repeated with other colors so that CB has companions in white, red, and yellow. SW is available, I’m sure, from several specialists and Song Sparrow. As a parent, CB sets occasional seed. Theresa Griesbach once reported pollen production on a single-form flower. This is rare. When not well established, the double blooms thin out but I’ve never observed any reversion to stamens.


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