A single-flowered yellow peony bred by Harald Fawkner. Superb plant, dark green foliage, tall upright stems, very floriferous. The colour might be best described as ‘lime-green’ as there is surely some green cast in it. The colour is a favorite of many visitors to our peony fields and the plant is quite simply a standout. We do not know of any better single flowered yellow peony and it is a standard that all new peonies should be compared to. Ancestry is unknown, it was registered in 2003, after first flowering only in 2001. Quite fertile as well, thus a great subject to use in any hybridizing program. Great Northern is a direct descendant, as is Old Southgate, both bred, registered and introduced by Harald Fawkner as well.





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      Growing peonies for cutflowers in Belgium. Also hybridizing them.

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      Fawkner is an exelent breeder.. i have known him for many years.. and have some of his plants and seedlings here – he is rude.. when he choose what seedlings survives.. high expetations too –
      he learned me many things..
      What people do not know is.. he shared pollen and plants with some rare american breeders
      And had the courage and patience to grow his own – breeder peonies lot
      The resoult we are seeing now in his introducings.
      Looking foreward to se your progress by this breeding.. can se you use the method with bags over the pollinated bud..
      Let us know about it – thanks for sharing

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