One of the very best Pink Vanguard x Lavender Baby seedlings. Semi-double to double. Large flower. Sturdy upright stems, large flower, good and healthy grower. Nice deep green foliage down to the bottom of the stems. Average length. 

The pink colour of this selection is one of the best, shining ‘baby’ pink. Fragrance noticeable but rather neutral, neither good nor bad. Flowers early, same time as Vanilla Schnapp’s. One of two hopefuls for future introduction as a garden plant. The other one ‘Kato 001 (PVLB009)’ was very nice the previous year but seems to have suffered from late frost damage this year. This might be inherited from Pink Vanguard which showed the same problem this year with buds dried up at a very late stage. Kato 002 did not suffer this fate. We shall compare both of them side by side the following years to decide which is the better one.



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