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  • Paeonia veitchii flowers for the first time. A plant bought to Gerhard Raschun. 3 years ago.

    • Nice clear pictures, Alain :-) I have much difficulty growing P. veitchii / P. anomala. Either they don’t grow at all or they only start growing when most of the other peonies are already flowering. I’ve always thought it is because of too few cold here compared to the regions where it normally grows, but since you’re more Southernly than I am,…Read More

      • I also noticed that P. veitchii is somewhat capricious. I thought I had lost it as all other species had already flowered while P. veitchii had not started to grow. In the wild this plant grows on limestone in wet areas. I was in NW Yunnan in 2009 where it grows and it does not freeze at 2000m and more higher particularly under the forest cover.…Read More

  • Maybe soon photos of 2 other peonies. One of them did flower 2 years ago but I don’t know what it is. I got it from a french collector who himself grew it from seed received from a botanical garden as “Paeonia cambessedesii” but was suspicious on the name (his was right). The second one is a peony I originaly got from seed received from a…Read More

  • This plant is issued from seeds received from SRGC under the name of P. emodi which is obviously not. It could either be a hybrid (maybe between mlokosewitschii and caucasica) or something else.

  • P. wendelboi flowered on the 29th of April for the first time.

  • The plant I received as Paeonia corsica, but as previously said it might be P. morisii.

  • Paeonia sp. received as P. morisii but it is wholly glabrous, so it could be P. mascula ssp. russoi.

    • This is the only one of your images that I’m not really sure about what it is. I don’t yet have a decent large plant of P. mascula russoi, but it looks somewhat different? Could it perhaps not be P. corsica from Corsica itself? P. morisii/P. corsica are quite often used as synonyms but it is said that P. corsica from Corsica is actually different…Read More

      • In fact I received this plant labelled P. morisii together with an other one labelled P. corsica. Both plants from G. Raschun. I was just wondering whether labels were mixed up or not. My Paeonia corsica is very tomentose under the leaves which are shiny/glossy.

        • In my experiences with Gerhard Raschun I’ve found he’s a reliable person with good plants so I think they will both be true species plants. P. morisii from Sardinia has very glossy leaves and is very tomentose on the backside. And I thus think this plant, which you show here will be the P. corsica from Corsica. I’ll try looking it up, but I…Read More

  • Paeonia daurica ssp. wendelboi is ready to flower but I lost P. decomposita and P. daurica ssp. velebitensis.

    • P. decomposita is also struggling here. Hasn’t grown last year it seems. I had them in horticultural crates for some time and wanted to plant them outside last year. But I didn’t have any place nor time then to move them all and left one such crate under deep shade of trees. It grew very well there actually. Then I moved it to my other species to…Read More

      • Thank you for your comments Koen, they are useful for our experience. P. decomposita received too much rain as we have had heavy rains and frosts just after. I will have a look to P. velebitensis in autumn and will dig it for a division if it is possible. I have a small 2 years aged seedling of P. clusii received from F. Depalle which grows well…Read More

  • Paeonia mascula ssp. bodurii

  • Paeonia mascula ssp. mascula from south of France

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