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  • A few more days and the bulk of the standard hybrid cultivars will start flowering. Red Charm, Coral Charm, Command Performance, Cytherea shall Bloom the following week. We, and many others, are hybridizing for early varieties. As can be seen from the plants now flowering we’re advancing well.

  • Clearstream. Somewhat beige fading to white. Great plant habit, large buds, early. Comes from Claire de Lune x Estria. This plant and its’ father by hybridizer Thierry Rat. The mother Claire de Lune is from P. lactiflora x P. mlokosewitchii, which was a very difficult cross.

  • Paeonia mlokosewitchii, or at least some garden hybrid of it, I’m unsure whether this corresponds to the wild species. The leaflets are divided till 13 sometimes (5-3-5), which is unlike the species description of 9 (3-3-3). I have better yellows than this, but without doubt mlokosewitchii features in the ancestry of all of them.

  • There’s no denying that The American Peony Society is doing great work currently. Despite its’ geographic denomination, it is recommended for every peony enthusiast worldwide to become a member. If you choose a digital subscription only, it’s quite cheap as well. Their latest publication of their Bulletin features a long article by Don Smith which…Read More

  • Paeonia emodi (Greenhouse grown).

  • Early Caucasian Hybrid finally flowering. All other ones are still far behind.

  • First flower of the season outside and it’s only March 26th. P. kesrouanensis. Strong agreeable fragrance. The foliage develops further after flowering. Flowering times are usually compared to Red Charm. That one normally flowers May 10-15 here. So the offset is approximately 45 days earlier. I don’t have any other peony flowering this early

  • The Forums have now been closed (except for the forum where you can comment on posts/articles from our ‘magazine’). It was from the beginning somewhat doubtful whether both a forum and an activity wall would not be confusing. If they would integrate well with one another I’d still stand behind it, but although the discussion topics do appear…Read More

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    • I’m glad you are keeping the Hybridizer’s Corner open. The fact that it’s somewhat hidden away is just fine with me, as I’m not a fan of social media pages for holding serious conversations. And Facebook seems to be so unfocused. Our Pacific Northwest Peony Society’s actual membership is made up primarily of commercial growers in our area,…Read More

  • Freezing cold outside and snow on the ground. In our unheated plastic hoophouses, the first peonies are peeking through the soil. Only the ones treated with Ga3 as yet, the other ones will surely follow suit. Half of the rows received this treatment. Two left rows are Old Faithful, four right ones The Fawn.

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    • Outside, newly planted ones. If storage of the roots is too cold and early Winter too hot, this may occur. We’ll see how they handle this cold spell.


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