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    Alain posted in the group Species Peonies International Network (SPIN)

    1 year ago · updated 1 year ago

    Paeonia sp. received as P. morisii but it is wholly glabrous, so it could be P. mascula ssp. russoi.

    • This is the only one of your images that I’m not really sure about what it is. I don’t yet have a decent large plant of P. mascula russoi, but it looks somewhat different? Could it perhaps not be P. corsica from Corsica itself? P. morisii/P. corsica are quite often used as synonyms but it is said that P. corsica from Corsica is actually different from P. morisii which you find in Sardinia and also sometimes in Corsica. But I’m absolutely not sure about this, it might well be P. mascula russoi as you suggest.

      • In fact I received this plant labelled P. morisii together with an other one labelled P. corsica. Both plants from G. Raschun. I was just wondering whether labels were mixed up or not. My Paeonia corsica is very tomentose under the leaves which are shiny/glossy.

        • In my experiences with Gerhard Raschun I’ve found he’s a reliable person with good plants so I think they will both be true species plants. P. morisii from Sardinia has very glossy leaves and is very tomentose on the backside. And I thus think this plant, which you show here will be the P. corsica from Corsica. I’ll try looking it up, but I remember from what little info I’ve read that P. corsica from Corsica has less shiny leaflets. I’ve hardly seen any images of it, let alone detailed ones. It’s a pity that Hong has named the plants from Sardinia P. corsica of course, that is bound to result in confusion.


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