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    Alain posted in the group Species Peonies International Network (SPIN)

    11 months ago · updated 10 months, 4 weeks ago

    Paeonia veitchii flowers for the first time. A plant bought to Gerhard Raschun. 3 years ago.

    • Nice clear pictures, Alain :-) I have much difficulty growing P. veitchii / P. anomala. Either they don’t grow at all or they only start growing when most of the other peonies are already flowering. I’ve always thought it is because of too few cold here compared to the regions where it normally grows, but since you’re more Southernly than I am, perhaps I’m doing something wrong ;-)

      • I also noticed that P. veitchii is somewhat capricious. I thought I had lost it as all other species had already flowered while P. veitchii had not started to grow. In the wild this plant grows on limestone in wet areas. I was in NW Yunnan in 2009 where it grows and it does not freeze at 2000m and more higher particularly under the forest cover. For P. anomala, it is different because of its large geographical repartition and its need of snow (Kola Peninsula, Russian Far-East, Siberia, etc). This species grows in very wet areas on all types of soils. The very hard frosts are compensated by the deep snow, enabling it to easily survive and grow up when snow is melting.


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