YouTube is a treasure trove of peony species videos. The quality differs wildly of course, but if you look good, you’re sure to find some gems. We’ve been browsing for footage of species peonies in their natural habitats, so here are some fine results:

Paeonia tenuifolia in Georgia

Paeonia parnassica in Greece

Paeonia emodi in India

Paeonia algeriensis in Algeria

Paeonia officinalis in France

Paeonia broteri in Portugal

Paeonia japonica (obovata ssp japonica) in Japan

Paeonia mascula in Turkey

Paeonia peregrina in Greece

At times the camera moves a bit too fast, but in the middle of the video clip you’ll get a good idea of what this species, paeonia peregrina, looks like.


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    Thanks for these !   Very informative I thought.


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