Our favorite Paeonia species, Paeonia mascula ssp. hellenica is a short growing plant with outstanding foliage and extremely pretty flowers. It flowers early in the season with average sized pure white flowers that have a pink edge upon first opening, which disappears shortly after opening. The stems are very sturdy and it has foliage all the way down to the ground. Compared to its cousin mascula ssp. bodurii, it flowers about 10 days later, has denser foliage which is more grayish, has a far nicer flower with the pink edging and is much shorter. It also has straight thick stems whereas bodurii has thinner and les straight stems. Some report it to be frost tender but we have never seen any frost damage growing several plants outside. Next to that, late frost didn’t damage the flowers (whereas another species that flowers at about the same time, emodii, was heavily damaged).



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