Although hard to understand what they say if you don’t speak any Chinese, this video about peonies follows them around the world, visiting the French peony nursery Rivière and the Dutch FloraHolland auction along the way. Most of it is filmed in China of course, with pretty footage of peonies growing in the wild and in nurseries and festivals. This video is to make up somewhat for the fact that it’s hard to find much information about peonies in China and we have a blind spot there, even though all shrubby peonies originate there, not to mention the ubiquitous P. lactiflora. In China the Tencent WeChat is the social media app that rules sole and supreme and currently we don’t know how to integrate that here. There are many huge peony festivals (Heze, Luoyang…), but not speaking the language we are currently unable to even find the dates those festivals are open. There’s another english-language peony site by Adriana Feng which features some blog posts about her visit to China last year and where she tells about her visits to some of these peony festivals, we do recommend visiting her site at least once :-)



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