Seedling 2R12. Parentage: ‘Hei Xuan Feng’ (Breeder: Chen Dezhong) open pollinated. First bloomed 2014. SINGLE flower form with 2 rows of petals, the outer row of normal size, the inner considerably smaller. The flowers are relatively small at about 5 inches (12 cm), and 1 per stem. and are displayed well. The color is very dark red (RHS 187A), like that of Lactiflora Group ‘Obsidian’ and much darker than the seed parent ‘Hei Xuan Feng’. Black flares, with bleeding edges, extend 20% the length of the petals. Petals are cupped, somewhat twisting. Pollen bearing stamens with filaments red throughout. Five carpels, light yellow, moderately hairy, enclosed by a red sheath. Stigmas red, normal anatomy, fertile. Fragrance. Early midseason bloom period. Foliage typical of Gansu Mudan. Upright growth, somewhat spreading, height at maturity 40 inches (100 cm). Named for its dark color which suggests nightime and the small flower size. Taken together these bring to mind Mozart’s 1787 composition “Eine kleine Nachtmusik.” To be propagated and distributed by W. Giessler, Gross-Rosenburg, Germany.


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